Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Prof.Hari Sharma's Contribution

Compliments to the organisers for the very successful,enjoyable and worthwhile event November 15,2009 in Surrey,BC,to celebrate Prof.Hari Sharma's 75th birthday.

I'm sure that Hari must have cherished every moment of the evening as he himself said that "I'm overwhelmed" by the love and regards shown by all of us as friends and admirers at the function.

To me most of the speeches were quite straight from the heart outlinging personal experiences relating to dire community affairs and concerns people had, and seeking help and guidance from Hari in all these years.

Not only that Hari's asking support from the community to issues dear to him and very passionately pursueing those agenda speaks of his organisational skills.

In this regard he rightly emphasised the signifiacance of getting involved people believing in the causes to work together rather individually.And I think has been pretty succcessful in this regard, and Nov.15th big turnout was a testimony to that.

Listeing to the speeches at yesterday's historic event, and based on my own observations over the years as a journalist catering to the South Asian Canadian community ,I believe that Hari Sharma made a very significant contribution in drawing and shaping the political,social and to some extent economic landscape of our community particularly in this part of Canada.