Sunday, November 4, 2012


That is the universal truth. Agony, misery, pain, suffering, both physical and emotional, and in all degrees of intensity are the realities of life experienced by all beings without exception. In the midst of bliss, peace and pleasure, life means jitters of distress, grief and worries as well.

There is hardly any escape from these taxing and unpleasant realities littered all the way toward life's end. The sufferings could be innocently or naively self-inflicted, or by fellow beings. Elements of nature and the so-called fate also play their minor or major roles to accompany man's lifelong journey thru calamity and disaster.

Stresses and strains in our lives for one reason or the other give enough jerks to create the turbulences as smooth ride to cover life's journey becomes a rarity.

So, who is at absolute peace. Certainly nobody. 

Can we redefine peace to accommodate those tensions and sufferings which otherwise we cannot shake off, rather we have to live with them. 

In this exploration to seek that  serenity and tranquility in the midst of torments and troubles, woes and worries, adversities and afflictions let us re-evaluate and narrow down our understanding of that guiding force from whom in desperation we often seek answers to our whys.

And that guiding mover is the eternal spirit which in the first place buzz us for our acceptance of the adversity (Nanak calls it hukam razai ). And that prepares us to tackle a calamity with cool mind effectively and decisively, rather being agitative or in panic.

Miracles from that eternal spirit need not be expected, but what is expected is the courage and strength to tackle suffering with grace and dignity.

Sure, this is not an easy exercise, but the utmost and unshaken faith in our resolve to accept, face and tackle unfortunate circumstances leads us to that sought -after perception of forming the solid base from where one can realize the supreme power. 

Regarding perception or understanding of the solid base let us get more clear on that by setting aside for a moment the most popular assumption that God, he or  she, is a person. And bring in another individuality and nature of his or her as  just performing an action. So when we seek or gather courage and strength to handle any calamity or suffering and use those forces as part of our actions that very activity itself is god in live manifestation. 

And once that foundation or base, meaning God in the image of action, is recognized as the platform from where to handle and abate distress and tribulation then certainly with conviction one can get inspired to comprehend that.................


By Promod Puri
Vancouver, Canada.