Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Humble Broom

The humble "jharoo"(broom), beyond one's imagination, has got a status now, the symbol of power.

While the physical jharoo still keeps its down to earth job of cleaning floors or streets, the symbolic version has been assigned a very noble and exalted role. And a lot is expected from its upgraded assignment. It could be the beginning of a promising career but the job is a tough one. Still the chore is basically the same to clean, rather complete and deep cleaning. This area has actually never ever been cleaned. And over the years a lot of dust and dirt have accumulated over the surface that nobody has ever seen how does it actually look.

The jharoo, in its new role, has to be a tough one. Anyway, my best wishes to "aam" guys and gals who will be swirling the humble jharoo for the long overdue cleansing.