Saturday, January 8, 2011

Significance Of Om

As per Hindu spiritual thinking, Om was the first sound introduced in this universe and perhaps in the whole celestial world.

Who produced that sound, who introduced it and why, all constitute the question the answer to which is naturally directed toward God, the mysterious force or power which is believed to be responsible for this leela.

Well, in addition to being the sound, Om is considered to be the very basis of all that constitute the universe including life and matter. It is indeed a subject of astronomical imagination that from the very sound frequencies of Om that the building blocks of the universe were evolved.

It is like when a matter is broken down to its smallest particles further down to the levels of atoms, electrons and protons and going much further beyond to the limitless end that we can enter into tiniest of the tiniest particles that can only reside in or constitute sound.

And when we reverse the process by gathering sounds to assembling the tiniest particles to congregating electrons, protons and finally creating atoms, the building blocks, that we can produce matter and ultimately the whole universe can be constituted.

If Om is the ultimate end product of atoms in the form of sound then according to the science of quantum physics atoms themselves are made up of whirling mass of radiating energy without any physical structure. So Om is not merely a word but a mass of energy itself.

It is in this phenomenal role as constituting and preceding matter and as vortices of energy that the word Om is considered the most sacred symbol and sound in the Hindu spiritual thought.

In fact, according to Hindu scriptures Om is referred as God in the form of sound. And the symbol was created to represent the incomprehensible all powerful Absolute.
-By Promod Puri