Thursday, February 21, 2013


-A Satire

By Promod Puri

Lately, I am having viral itch to be appointed a Canadian Senator.

I must admit that, perhaps like most Canadian citizens, I have a very limited insight about what the job description is of being a Senator. 

However, I do know that one of the determining and pressing tasks a Senator has to undergo is to travel, and travel a lot. It could be travel within this vast country or any where else in the world as long as a Senator is roaming he or she is performing the job.

And here I perfectly qualify to become a Senator as I love traveling. Send me anywhere in the world I'm adaptable, though my preference would be sunny and warmer places,especially in winter months.

I have already earned thousands of mileage of being a frequent traveller that I'm well entitled for the job notably when it is related to travel.

Beside being an experienced ever-moving itinerant my other qualifications of being a rightful and exemplary Canadian citizen are as follow:

1. I have lived in Winnipeg and walked around Main & Portage several winter months for several years that I truly know what a Canadian winter is like.

2. Although I have never played and seldom seen a live hockey game, I follow this Canadian sport and cultural icon on TV including the world-famous after-defeat street show in Vancouver.

3. I have travelled Canada relatively more than an average Canadian from British Columbia to Quebec, and this summer I plan to cover the Atlantic provinces as well (if I am appointed Senator).

4. I am a non-partisan middle-of-the-road main-street Canadian having no membership ever to any political party, though I must admit that I voted just couple of times for the Green Party, and never voted for the Conservative.

5. Yes, I have RRSP too.

If I am appointed Senator I promise that I will do my job relating to travel to the best of my physical ability, and report back to tax payers every month all the expenses absorbed without waiting for any audit.

I hope to be seen,rather unseen, as touring Senator all over the globe especially in Hawaii, Tahiti, Bora Bora or even Timbuktu.

Here, I must concede that I won't be a trendsetter, but I'm confident that within one year of my appointment I can beat any record relating to travel  expense.