Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Artist - Review


By Promod Puri

Is it old wine in new bottle or new wine in old bottle. Perhaps both. Anyway, the result is the brilliantly produced melodrama on the big screen.

Ten Academy Award nominated film, including the categories of best picture, best director, best actor and best supporting actress The Artist has been conceived with innovative idea of taking the viewer back to the era of silent cinema.

The story set in Hollywood between 1927-1932, revolves around the main character portrayed as a known and talented silent movie star of his time, who stubbornly refuses to accept the advent of talkies. Whereas, his fan, who with his little help and some advice, becomes a young flamboyant starlet, accepted the talking revolution in the film world.

The two characters who play their respective descending and ascending roles, whereby one fades into oblivion and other rises as hit star, are delightfully and quite impressively played by French actors Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bijo as George Valentin and Peppy Miller in this 100 percent silent and 100 percent black and white movie.

It is their awesome performances in the absence of words along with superb direction by Michael Hazanavicius, who also wrote the screenplay, which will no doubt get The Artist its deserved Oscars.

And out of the glamour world of Oscar, the film can be a trend setter to encourage production of more silent movies, crossing the language barrier, to be seen in any part of the world.

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