Saturday, February 8, 2014

Malecon - An Abode Peace
(Puerto Vallarta Mirror)
By Promod Puri
It was one of these weekend evenings at the Malecon that this hub of Puerto Vallarta was more busier than other days. With lots of people, tourists, locals, young and old, family with children all seem to be having an enjoyable time strolling along the bay of Banderas, one of the best sea sidewalks in the world.

The whole ambience had a festive look as everybody seems to be happy and worry free. While there was recreation in savoring freshly cooked Mexican snacks from the vendors in the Zona Romantica area, there was quite an entertainment by the talented artists at los Arcos stage making the gathered crowd clapping, laughing and having fun. And facing the bay Mother Nature was having its own non-stop dance show of waves going back and forth in rhythm. In that breezy weather there was music all around. People were leisurely walking, talking and sharing laughs, and children were joyfully running around like free birds creating a scene of complete harmony and amity. At a distance somewhere from the north of the bay there was firework display joining the festivity. To cap this all the frequent sounds of bells from the majestic Guadalupe church were like heavenly blessings.

Overall, in all this congenial din there was a feel of complete tranquility and an atmosphere where the people were elated and having a good time of their lives. And that was what made me ponder if the whole world could be like the one I was experiencing at the Malecon how peaceful it would be.

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