Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hinduism and Lord Ganesh

The art community’s fascination for Lord Ganesh is due to His unique appearance as a clearly recognizable elephant tusk-hooded portrayal. In Hindu thought an elephant is revered for its intelligence. Consequently, Lord Ganesh in His elephant-look image is perceived as the god of knowledge, intellect and wisdom.
Besides these scholarly exhibits Lord Ganesh gathers a few more symbolic interpretations thru His overall appearance and possessions. These attributes include pursuit of knowledge, sweetness and humbleness.
Lord Ganesh is also widely worshipped as the god of Beginnings. “Sri-Ganesh” is the common expression for any new event, purchase or start-up enterprise. His name is chanted at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies. In most Hindu marriage invitation cards the first invocation and invite are addressed to Lord Ganesh as symbolic adoration.

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