Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Life is a Dangal too

Life is a Dangal too

Film Review: by Promod Puri
Life is a Dangal too.
It is tense play of strategies, techniques and actions, excitement, and madness, defense, and offense, frustrations, and rewards. It is fight against societal wrongs. It is a game of emotions, tears, and joys.
This is the package Amir Khan has delivered on the silver screen in a two and half hour thrill titled Dangal. Life’s dynamics are well portrayed in this masterpiece based on a true story.
In the lead role, Amir Khan plays an odd patriarch who defies, protests, struggles and achieves what he wanted in life. He has a dream. He endeavors to see his daughters as world-class wrestlers. Yes, the real wrestlers, born and growing up in an orthodox and traditionally-rooted rural society, and where only boys and men enter the arena. Himself being a wrestling guru, Amir Khan wants to create space for girls in a field traditionally reserved only for men. Dangal stirs up a storm in the village wrapped in traditions, faiths, and fakes; and where a girl’s childhood is brief and abrupt.
Dangal is a message for the contemporary Indian society to recognize and seek the role of women beyond home and kitchen.

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