Friday, January 13, 2017

My Companions In Solitude!

My Companions In Solitude!
I have company in my lonely abode
Just walking in, are all these folks
Arriving and departing
The door is open and revolving
The guests are coming, as they wish
Some offer bloom, others gloom
Joining the pool are
Memories, family, and friends
Karmas’ notes and reports
Complaints, compliances, and compliments
Angst, anxiety, and environments
Weapons, wars, and fights
Politics, poverty, religions, and rights
Debates, discussions, and resolutions
Cherishing hopes, jokes, and anecdotes
Along with lively, spirited, and zestful rays
Consciousness also joins the meet
As an in-house voice of the Supreme
And the party goes on, with
My Companions in Solitude.
-Promod Puri

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